Plug in an instant power upgrade!

Install in minutes, remove at any time, leaves no trace

Unlock the Manufacturer's limitations and take control!

 So what is it?

A DTS Tuningbox is a self contained module which sits within the engine bay of your car. It is connected to your engine via select sensors using an original equipment harness. The data between the engine and the car's ECU is adapted, forcing the car's ECU to raise the map values of the software program, thus allowing a considerable increase in performance whilst remaining totally invisible (unlike a remap which permanently alters the software of your ECU).

Because the Tuningbox only works whilst installed, removing it reverts your car to standard immediately leaving no trace, and no flags in the ECU. Should you change cars, the DTS Tuningbox can be transferred easily without the need to return it so there are no "reprogramming fees" associated with other Companies.

  • Over 3000 applications for Petrol & Diesel engines
  • Manufacturer Support
  • Self install at home
  • Over 20 years experience in Chiptuning!
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Membrane Keypad 
  • Transfer to your next car (no reprogramming required)

 How is it installed? 

Each DTS Tuningbox comes with a connection harness manufactured with original equipment connectors, so installation is quick, and simple.

Simply locate the sensors using the full colour engine specific installation guide supplied, and connect the harness in series to the required sensors. In most cases the sensors are easily located without the need to remove anything more complex than the engine cover. The number of sensors we connect to vary from 2 -6 depending on your make and model of vehicle.

Should you wish to see the guide before purchasing we will be pleased to email this to you.

 What is Multichannel technology?

Put simply, each sensor we connect to we call a data line or a "channel" so Multichannel simply means multiple sensor inputs. We use multiple sensors to gain not only the highest safest performance increase, but also maximum data, such as air temp, boost pressure, RPM from the camshaft sensor etc. this allows an intelligent tuning solution, not simply boosting fuel such as the cheaper products available.

 Is it safe?

Yes, 100% safe. Because we adapt the data signals and do not change the parameters of the original ECU software, this means the original safety parameters of the manufacturer remain in place, so your engine's integrity and reliability is kept as the Manufacturer intended.

From design through to Manufacture, safety and integrity remain out highest priority. If you have tried the lesser quality products, you will know why this is key.

Take the worry away and trust the UK's longest serving Manufacturer of Performance Tuning Systems

 So why DTS?

DTS has been instrumental to the development of the "Tuningbox" since 1998, and this experience is key to our quality and technology. We have Designed and Manufactured our systems in the UK for 20 years, making us without doubt the UK's longest and most experienced "Manufacturer"

When looking around, we would be surprised if any UK Tuningbox Company you come across sell anything other than a rebranded product. With DTS the support you get is straight from the Manufacturer.

 20 Years in Chiptuning

Since 1998, DTS has Manufactured the best quality tuning products available. Highest quality design and highest quality components.

From variable resistors of 1998 to the latest 64MHz Smartphone controlled Bluetooth systems of 2018, DTS have been fundamental in the advancement of the Tuningbox!

 Smartphone Control 

The DTS Tuningbox can be controlled directly from your Android Smartphone.

  • Intuitive design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Program selection
  • Performance Control
  • Turn off and return to stock power

 Keypad Control

DTS Tuningbox adjustment and control using the keypad function

  • Professional design
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple program selection
  • Change Performance Levels
  • Turn off and return to stock power

 We Ship Worldwide Daily, for Free!

We export our tuning systems every day to most Countries using quality couriers including UPS, FEDEX and TNT.

Insured and professional, assuring your order is delivered swiftly and safely!