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Please read through our available reviews. These are customer vehicles recently tuned by DTS and the reviews were left by the customer using our feedback form


Had my 320i chipped with the DTS plug in unit. Power increase is very good and I am very happy with my purchase, glad I went with DTS, they know all there is to know about Beemers. Cheers guys!

Darren Harrison

Professional team and service from start to finish! Car has evolved in the space of 30 minutes. MPG up, power up, torque up, it's a no brainer and I will be back with the wifes A3! If you have a TDi you really need to get one of these to enjoy it to its full potential.

Jamie Benson

Superb, absolutely unbelivable what difference it has made. It feels like a completely new car? Much more torque and power and the freelander is now much more fun to drive. Pulls so smooth and swift, can't imagine not having one on now!

Steve Campbell (Lincoln)

I am actually surprised to notice such a difference. A friend had his Audi chipped (by a competitor) but was not very convinced it was working, nevermind happy. From setting off home the difference was face smackingly obvious, enjoyed the ride back immensely.

Clive Carter

I wanted my 300C chipping as I was sick of the turbo lag this engine is famous for. Well, lag gone, completely, and the torque is much more linear. Smooth through all the gears and a good rise in MPG too, very happy with my DTS box of tricks! Stephen Asquith

Being a tower, I needed more torque to help with the twin axle van we have. I used to struggle with the Vitara but am now able to tow with ease, and driving is now a lot easier. Even the wife noticed so it must be good. Fred Winstanley

Needed this chipping to keep up with my mates, now they need help keeping up with me! I am made up with the difference in power this has made.

Guys, can not thank you enough for all the help and advice you gave. Technical knowledge is first class as was the service. Power is up substantially and all flat spots are gone. Torque is very noticable now as is the fuel I am saving, top job! Gary Kitchen