How does a DTS Tuningbox chip work?

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Your engine is a complicated machine, and this machine needs intelligence. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is what controls this machine and to do so works with various data from the engines network of sensors. This data is constantly analysed by the ECU to determine the amount of fuel and air boost needed working to a strict set of rules. This is what determines the power and performance available to you.


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One way to increase the power available is by changing the software of the ECU often by removing it from the vehicle, opening it, and probing points on the chip to download, change and upload the software (which will invalidate your warranty if discovered).


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Another way is to pay a few thousand pounds extra and upgrade to the higher output variant of the same engine by the manufacturer. For example, Mercedes E220 CDi and E250 CDi share the same 2143cc engine but one is 170ps and the other is 204ps.


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But there is also a third solution, the DTS tuning pack. By adapting the data signals between the engine and the ECU, we can naturally, and safely, force the ECU to raise the software fuel and boost levels. This causes an increase in the performance of the engine whilst at all times, the ECU is oblivious, and any freeze frame data stored within the ECU should read absolutely normal. We supply each chiptuning pack with a harness which is used to connect the DTS tuningbox to the engine.


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Within the DTS firmware, we have incorporated adjustability to enable the customer to choose between 3 different levels of performance and 4 programs. This level of adjustment allows you to select a performance level anywhere between maximum performance and stock power. The current level is displayed by the blue LED display on the left of the keypad. Simply press the up or down key to increase/decrease to the next level. Pressing down when in level 1 will turn off the tuning box making the car stock power. To turn back on, simply press the up key to start in level one. Whichever level you prefer, the DTS firmware is constantly adjusting its fuelling levels thousands of times per second to provide superb quality performance. Another feature of the DTS firmware is a short delay when you first start the car. The engine will be stock power for the first 30-60 seconds when you start the engine to allow sufficient warming and lubrication. If the DTS chip detects a fault within the unit or with the range of values from the sensor network, it will automatically return to stock power and flash the full LED display.