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DTS has been manufacturing performance products and tuning chips for over 20 years!

  DTS Chiptuning packs are the safest and easiest way to tune your engine without any risk to the integrity of the engine. With plug and play installation, the units can be removed at anytime without leaving a trace. We 100% guarantee the untraceability of our products once removed!

Designed and Manufactured in-house by DTS, we have developed over many years our latest chiptuning packs which boast a super fast 64MHz Microchip® processor and multi adjustment performance levels using our external touch pad and LED display. Instant adjustments without opening the unit, no jumpers, dials or antiquated potentiometers!

Available for a huge range of petrol and diesel engined cars and commercials, with a 100% guarantee of safety, performance and satisfaction, and 0% chance of trace or bull!

Back in the days way before DPF, FAP and Blue additives, DTS were one of the first ever Companies in the UK to offer a plug and play tuning solution. Today, we are the longest serving Manufacturer of tuning chips and tuningboxes in the UK since 1998! Don't go for the Bull, go for the best.

You've trusted our products for years. And now, we have something new...


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Direct control and program selection with user friendly keypad adjustment
Selection of mid range and low range torque programs, eco tuning and high performance settings give total flexibility
LED display gives full information of current program settings
Fully sealed enclosure gives years of trouble free performance
High technology to compliment your car, removing the restrictions of the manufacturer, releasing the power within.


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Tuning Redefined

The all-new Tuningbox from DTS

Agile and ever-vigilant, this is the most advanced system yet...


64 MHz chipset with flash memory

Up to 6 channel signal adaptation with pulse width modulation control

Multiple safety features including voltage protection, polarity control, spike protection, signal calibration on every engine start, fault display

High quality printed circuit board with surface mounted technology made in the UK with our own in-house pick and place machines





High compatibilty

With over 3000 variants of vehicles currently in our ever-updating database, our system is one of the most compatible on the market.

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Change the systems settings with a push of a button. With 3 modes for regular driving, enhanced performance and fast road/track, as well as 4 performance levels to choose from, you'll always find the setup you need.

Safety is key

If the DTS chip detects a fault within the unit or with the range of values from the sensor network, it will automatically return to stock power and flash the full LED display. Protecting both your engine and the Tuningbox.

Cold Start Delay

Choose between a 30, 60 or 90 second timing delay when you start the engine to allow for sufficient heating and lubrication to protect vital engine components - developed with diesels in mind, perfect for those cold winter mornings.