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Front of building

We are building number 5, the one with the very clean windows at the end.

It is not usually so sunny.

Entrance to reception

From here you can use the stairs to the upstairs offices or use the lift if it is Monday morning and you had too many Mojitos!

To the left you can access the assembly room where the DTS units are assembled, programmed and tested.

Sometimes you will see people staring perplexed at computer screens scratching their forehead.

Other side to entrance

This side you can access the management offices where apparently all the hard work is done?

Not sure about that, but there is a very nice coffee machine which does awesome cappuchino and a toilet that plays Classic FM.

Sometimes the computer screens with the circuit board Gerber designs on do make it look quite complicated.

Office 1

In this office, tidied up specially for the photo, we perform PCB research and development, also we have testing machines for the PCBs, keypads, and cables so everything can be checked thoroughly.


Office 2

In this part of the building we have a few of our pick and place machines and one of our reflow ovens.

The pick and place machines are what place all the tiny components on to the PCB before they are placed thorugh a reflow oven.

Here we mainly make small batches of PCBs and small runs of prototypes.

With just these 3 machines DTS can make over 100 tuningboxes per hour!

One of the reflow ovens

This reflow oven is what solders all the components to the DTS PCBs when they have been assembled with the pick and place machines.

Just one of our ovens can reflow over 300 PCBS every hour! And we have 2 of these currently.

Sammy (official name Samsung)

This is sammy, our main pick and place machine capable of placing in excess of 25,000 components per hour (apparently).

At full speed your eyes can't actually focus on the head as it moves so fast.

This machine can shoot out over 400 DTS tuningboxes per hour!

Office 3

This is the sales office room where often you hear funny laughing noises, sniggering and doors slamming.

Best to avoid this room.

If you call DTS, these are the strange folk who will answer the telephone.

You have been warned.

Random cables

Some random cables left on the landing.

We now produce our harnesses inhouse which allows us much more flexibility in our R&D and also the ability to offer "at cost" cable exchanges! Yes, no profit?

DTS now manufacture over 100 different cables and harnesses, so it is common place to fall over a pile of random cables.

The quiet area.

This area is where one can sit and solder until your heart is content.

It has often caused many people to fall asleep due to the calming effect.

Mainly used to attach the headers to the PCB and also for rework as and when required.


A random PCB

We hope you enjoyed our little insight in to the gears and cogs of what makes up DTS.

We were going to include the staff but we thought it best not too.

If you have any questions we would be pleased to hear from you, otherwise please enjoy the rest of the website!!

Your DTS Chiptuning team!



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