Below you will find a selection of some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Q. Are diesel and petrol tuning boxes easy to fit?

A. All of our diesel tuning modules are "Plug and Play" using the original connectors as used on your engine and simply plug in line on your existing wiring loom. Some high end systems do have to be installed by connecting direct to wire due to the design of the diesel injection system though we have a fitting service at our tuning workshop and through our distributors.

Q. Will tuning my diesel damage my engine?

A. No, fitting one of our diesel tuning systems will not damage your engine and the increase in power is within the general tolerances of the engine design. Any long term engine damage is caused by driving style and poor maintenance.

Q. Why is your tuning system better than others?

A. Most diesel tuning modules alter the same parameters in much the same way, so the difference comes down to knowledge and the software development, and to the way the power is delivered. Power is not everything, drivability and reliability is an important feature of our diesel tuning systems. An extra 50bhp low down does not provide the same driveability as 35bhp throughout the whole rev range. Companies who claim there unit is "the best on the market" or "the most advanced" should perform some up to date market research, and remember, we are the only Diesel tuning Manufacturing Company in the UK who have been supplying diesel tuning systems for over 15 years. Many say they make their systems, but ask them to prove it!


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Q. Will my car smoke with a tuning system fitted?

A. Not with our system! If you car does not smoke already, then there is no reason it should smoke heavier with the module fitted as long as it is correctly set.

Q. What if I hit a problem with fitting my tuning unit?

A. Our sales line is open Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 and technicians who fit diesel tuning systems daily in our workshop are always available to help with any problem or question you may have. If your really struggling, come and see us. We will be please to help!

Q. What if I change my vehicle?

A. Our modules are interchangable between vehicles (subject to plug type) though if a new connection harness is needed, this can be supplied for a small charge. We can also reprogram the system to suit your new car or van.

Q. Should I tell my Insurance Company?

A. Most Insurance Companies require you to inform them of any modifications made to your vehicle and the onus is on you to inform them of the change. We can on request supply a power increase statement for your insurance company if required by them.

Q. Why are your modules less expensive than others on the Market?

A. We have no middlemen and you're buying direct. Most UK Companies are selling rebadged European kits with a mark up added and do not actually Manufacture their units so we can offer very attractive prices on all our products, quality is never compromised. We stay ahead thanks to customer recommendations, and our customers make our business, so you are assured of our best attention at all times.