DTS Promise

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The DTS Chiptuning Promise

Here at DTS, we are very proud of our products, our technology, but also of our heritage and the values we share and work to.

It is easy to promise you the world through some text on a website, but it is another thing altogether to give you a personal and sincere promise.


And Here It Is...


DTS Promise to provide you with the very best customer experience, and the quality you expect from a high tech firm.

Through each process from ordering, delivery, installation and aftercare, you will receive our highest attention.

If there is an error with your order on receipt, we will ship another one to you free of charge and arrange a courier to collect the original at our cost.

We 100% guarantee the quality of our technology, it's effectiveness and it's untraceability by the dealer once it has been removed.

Should you change your car and need a software upgrade, we will reflash the unit for you free of charge, only charging for the return shipping costs.

If you require a new harness type, we will exchange this for you free of charge (first transfer only, requires proof of purchase, plus shipping costs). After this first free transfer, additional harnesses will be supplied to you at a discounted price.

If any unit fails within the first 5 years from purchase, we will replace it free of charge for the latest version (new for old) subject to our standard warranty terms.

Additionally, we guarantee our products quality, technology and performance will match any other similar system on the market, no matter how much they cost.

We value the trust you put in our product and company when chiptuning your car, in return we pledge our commitment to your satisfaction, always.