What is a DTS Tuningbox?

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The DTS Tuningbox is a self contained module similar in size to your car's ECU (engine control unit). It sits in the engine compartment and connects to the engine directly using the supplied original equipment harness. Everything is of automotive quality and the connectors we use come from the same factory as the ones used on your engine. Once connected, the DTS tuningbox adapts the signals between the engine and the ECU forcing the ECU to naturally raise its own fuelling map (much like a remap but without changing the software). It does not force any changes to the car or the software of the ECU, everything is normal. All safety parameters of the engine remain and the safety and integrity of the engine is not put at risk.

Once the DTS Tuningbox is removed from the engine, the performance will be instantly back to stock because the signal data will no longer be adapted. Once it has been removed, it can not be traced.

The DTS Chiptuning system is designed with safety as paramount, always has and always will be. This is why DTS products are packed with safety features to ensure many years of enjoyment. We do not use "multimaps" or "multi-programs" instead we use firmware, because our firmware works, 100%. One firmware developed to the very best for your individual engine. We take the trust you place in us very seriously.


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Many of our enquiries are from people who need the reassurance that it is safe to fit these devices to their car, because until you have actually used the DTS tuningbox you may be a little sceptical or hesitant. We guarantee our units are 100% safe and 100% effective, and have been installing them worldwide since 1998, and in that time we have never had a complaint of engine damage.

With our years of experience and thousands of units sold, we are the logical choice for your chiptuning requirements, furthermore, you are dealing directly with the Manufacturer and software developer, not a reseller selling a rebadged unit with little experience or knowledge of chiptuning and electronics. From start to finish, we know the DTS tuningbox down to the finest detail, even component No.59 SOT23 NPN 1GHz Bipolar transistor...


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DTS has been manufacturing performance products and tuning chips for over 18 years!

Our technology has evolved over the years from our DIP style boards through to our latest SMD circuit boards with membrane keypads. Now, we feature easy tactile adjustments with our touch pad, super fast processing speed of 64 MHz, and a rich firmware developed over many years of research and development.

So while you can search the web and find all sorts of cheap and crazy tuning gimmicks, from resistors plugged in to the airflow meter, to analogue tuningboxes with screwdriver adjustment or jumper pins and connectors used on printers, or prehistoric chip sets, only when you find DTS can you be reassured of the finest tuning electronics, with a wealth of chiptuning experience spanning 18 years, from a UK manufacturer with first class technical back up and aftercare.